Why You Should Be Using Microsoft D365 Business Central

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Few things are more important to businesses than the ability to communicate, collaborate, and create seamlessly. Accessing productivity tools that allow employees to do their jobs effectively from anywhere makes organizations more agile and competitive. Microsoft D365 Business Central is Microsoft’s productivity suite, offering small and medium businesses an all-in-one intelligent ERP solution to accomplish all of this. With this in mind, using Microsoft D365 Business Central is a no-brainer.

What Does D365 Business Central Offer?

Microsoft 365 offers various tools and features like Word, Excel, Exchange, and SharePoint. It is adaptable and straightforward to use, providing the option of implementing it on-premise or in the cloud. The product does more than allow organizations to consolidate several unconnected systems into one system. It also increases productivity by automating business processes and workflows. Additionally, since Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, users can access all its features from anywhere and on any device.

Why You Should Be Using Microsoft D365 Business Central

By deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can access a lot of advantages that promise to place your business above the competition. Here are some key reasons you should be using this tool.

Centralized Collaboration

Thanks to the collaborative tools it offers, you can share contacts, calendars, and mailboxes, as well as edit official documents in real-time. By accessing shared calendars, you can design schedules that favor everyone. On top of that, since different users can work on documents at any time, co-authoring is much easier. These capabilities create centralized collaboration, significantly streamlining project management.

Improved Communication

With centralized collaboration comes improved communication. For instance, you can hold meetings and conference calls with staff and external agencies, regardless of time difference or distance. If that wasn’t enough, Teams has an instant messaging function that allows you to upload files and add comments. This feature is especially useful for cross-department communication.

Microsoft D365 Business Central also offers Yammer. This feature acts like your organization’s social network. You can post on your company news feed and instantly message all your employees, or create different channels for a customized experience. These features allow you to be in constant and immediate contact with your employees wherever they are.

Business Continuity

D365 Business Central customers also get to enjoy organizational continuity. They don’t have to worry about losing files, emails, or physical devices. Your company can continue to function as usual, even in the event of a disaster because the platform stores all your data in the cloud. On top of that, the Exchange feature also offers recovery features that allow you to restore individual emails or entire inboxes.

Secure Storage

As beneficial as cloud storage is, it does come with specific security concerns. Fortunately, this won’t be an issue thanks to the robust security measures Office 365 has in place. Some of these measures include a two-factor authentication that ensures unauthorized people cannot access your files, even if they happen to get on your device. Anti-malware and threat detection features also promise to identify and stop security threats immediately.

Interested in learning more?

Every business stands to benefit from the actionable insights D365 Business Central’s comprehensive, powerful, and user-friendly ERP platform offers. Likewise, by combining its features with the specialized expertise of a reliable partner, you can create a strong solution that facilitates your business’ success.

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