Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are applications used in manufacturing to track and document the production process. They provide real-time data about the status of equipment, inventory, and employees to help supervisors make informed decisions about production.

Manufacturing execution systems are often used in conjunction with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other software applications to provide a complete picture of the manufacturing process. By integrating data from all parts of the manufacturing process, they can help optimize production and reduce costs.

MES can be customized to fit the specific needs of any manufacturing facility. Common features of these applications include work order management, scheduling, quality control, material tracking, and machine monitoring. Some manufacturing execution systems also include features for workforce management, asset tracking, and compliance with regulatory standards.

A strong manufacturing execution system benefits many manufacturing industries and processes including workflows, automated data collection, discrete assembly, rolled products, batch processes, and more. These systems provide a number of long and short-term benefits, as well as strategic and tactical benefits. We are experienced in helping clients to plan, build, and execute custom, robust manufacturing systems that meet their unique needs! Call us at (806) 382-7320 to schedule a consultation today!