Natural Balance® Launches Salesforce to Boost Customer Engagement and Analytical Insights

If it isn’t properly customized and applied, even the most robust software might fail a business. Leading natural pet food company Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. was faced with this problem. The organization had been utilizing an outdated CRM system, but due to poor deployment and a lack of user acceptance, many of the functionality of the software went unused. Few workers chose to use CRM as a result, preferring a more “traditional” strategy that involved manual spreadsheets and hand-delivered documents. Natural Balance and Canyon Rim teamed up to implement a boosted Salesforce Service Cloud platform after recognizing its potential. In order to better serve their consumers and complete this project, Natural Balance needed to both “future-proof” their company operations and centralize vital data.

Outdated CRM integrations and low user engagement restricted customer engagement potential

Employee engagement was a problem with Natural Balance’s current CRM solution, which was mostly the result of a poor deployment. Only a small number of employees used the software in any capacity, and there had never been a sufficient number of users. Throughout the CRM process, the team manually maintained all pertinent client data in spreadsheets and made heavy use of paper.

Canyon Rim and Natural Balance collaborated closely to migrate their CRM from an outdated platform to Salesforce Service Cloud in order to address these issues. Beginning with a better, more straightforward connectivity to operational business systems in the company, Canyon Rim implemented Salesforce Service Cloud. The CRM procedure at Natural Balance was made simpler by this new solution and their customer support staff now has standardized processes and provides fresh insight to other divisions of the business. Improved transparency allowed internal teams to identify possible customer issues long before bigger opportunities presented themselves.

Change management streamlines user adoption

Throughout the project, the Canyon Rim team offered a customized change management service to Natural Balance personnel. The smooth transition of technology, data, and procedures was given careful consideration. Canyon Rim understood that users’ acceptance of their new solution required the same level of focus. The success of the implementation would depend heavily on user participation and adoption.

Each member of the Natural Balance team had repeated training sessions from Canyon Rim with end users to make sure they were all familiar with the new system. In order to create a knowledge foundation for their internal team, Canyon Rim additionally collaborated with Natural Balance to ensure the team understood the system prior to the implementation go-live date.

Automation and Business Intelligence boosts synergies and profitability

With the help of the BeautifulBI and the Data Warehouse that Canyon Rim had previously designed, Natural Balance’s enhanced solution made advantage of cloud-based access, time-saving integrations, and a stronger emphasis on dashboard reporting and insights. In one dashboard, Natural Balance is now capable of providing synergistic reporting from several data sources across the enterprise. Combining CRM, production, and sales data in one screen has tremendous potential.

The level of internal staff adoption was crucial to Natural Balance’s Salesforce implementation’s success. The Canyon Rim team and an internal project lead collaborated closely to increase user adoption.

Natural Balance’s goals in doing this study were to:

  • Reduce the amount of time and money needed to get results
  • Better segment customer data
  • Use Business Intelligence to boost customer service
  • Model the department for the future
  • Boost productivity and profitability across the company.

The resulting Salesforce solution included:

  • Salesforce Service Cloud (Cases, Chatter, Knowledgebase, Integrated Forms and Integrated Chat)
  • BeautifulBI Dashboards and Data Warehouse
  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice
  • Microsoft Teams

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